Neeley Kneese

Neeley is a chiropractic assistant at Stratton Sport and Spine. She is originally from Kerrville, Texas & a graduate of Kerrville Tivy High School. While living in Kerrville, she began working at a physical therapy clinic as a PT technician, under the supervision of 3 therapists. She continued to work for Kerrville Physical Therapy for 3 years before moving to Midland in west Texas. While there she began working for a sports medicine and PT focused clinic for a year before moving to San Antonio. As she gained more & more experience in this field, she also gained a passion for helping others. After finally moving to San Antonio in 2012, with plans of earning a certification in this field, she began to work at Steven Stratton Physical Therapy for Steven Stratton. She worked for Dr. Steven Stratton PT, PhD, ATC-Ret for over a year where she gained even more experience as a physical therapy technician and created great working relationships. She continues working as a chiropractic assistant and wants to continue to build knowledge and experience in the field.