Blood Flow Restriction Training: Safety and Myths

What is BFR?

If you are looking to utilize BFR, we recommend seeking a San Antonio Chiropractor with extensive knowledge in this technique. Blood Flow Restriction training, or BFR, has seen a substantial increase in popularity in recent years. This method often improves strength and increases muscle development. The physician achieves this by wrapping compressive cuffs or bands around the arms or legs, depending on the specific muscle area. The purpose is to restrict venous blood vessels, allowing blood to stay in the exercising muscle. Results from this technique prove to enhance muscle growth and resistance training.

Is BFR training safe?

Similar to every other tool or technique, BFR is not for everyone. Although, when used properly, with the right safety precautions and with the aid of an experienced trainer, BFR can be very beneficial. We are aware that lowering your blood supply doesn't sound very appealing and concerns such as blood clots or potential cardiovascular damage might worry some patients. However, many studies have shown that BFR does NOT increase blood clot risk and actually improves blood flow. In addition, studies have shown that there is no negative cardiovascular response.

The greatest risk factor in BFR Training is too much pressure, which could be caused by cuffs that are too small or incorrect cuff placement. To avoid injuries and lower risk it is very important to be under the supervision and aid of a trained professional.

Debunking myths about BFR

One of the common myths about BFR is that it is only beneficial to athletes and no one else. BFR is very popular in the athlete and body building community. However, the benefits of this technique has seen significant success in both training and rehabilitation. BFR proves to be safe and helpful for post-op, elderly and arthritic patients, as well as patients with injuries that do not allow them to bear weight on their arms or legs. Both of whom have to be cleared to exercise prior to using BFR therapy.

Another common myth is that if you apply more pressure, the benefits will be higher. This is completely inaccurate, since the goal of BFR is to increase and strengthen muscles and not creating muscle breakdown. If you apply higher pressure, this only increases the risk of getting injured. The recipe for results is consistency and duration.

There have been numerous studies about the benefits of BFR. If you're looking for a San Antonio Chiropractor and you want to learn more about BFR, visit Stratton Sport & Spine today.

May 01, 2018