Hypoxic Altitude Training


Altitude training, also known as hypoxic training, involves exercising in, living in or otherwise breathing oxygen reduced air for the purpose of improved athletic performance, pre-acclimatization to altitude and/or physical wellness.

Traditionally, individuals had to travel to or live at high elevations to obtain the benefits of this phenomenon. Circa 1995, the patented technology of Hypoxico Inc. eliminated this hardship by allowing high altitude training facilities to be set up anywhere. Through the production of normobaric hypoxic (oxygen reduced) air, we can simulate altitudes of up to 21,000ft/6,400m. As a result, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and health conscious individuals worldwide can take advantage of the benefits associated with altitude training while at sea-level.

Hypoxico Packages:

8 Sessions or Less - $40/session with $75 mask 

8 Sessions or more - $30/session with $50 mask

Please contact exercise physiologist Joe Sulak at the following link for additional questions:

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