VO2 Testing

  • In testing your VO2 we are able to determine two key thresholds in which personalized training zones can be established and implemented in training.
  • We provide 5 training zones individual to you that will allow safe and effective intensities during training and racing.
  • VO2 testing is ideal for individuals who want to be sure they are training at the ideal intensity to attain positive adaptations and avoid plateaus and detrimental effects of training too hard.

If your training week doesn't follow the 80/20 rule (80% aerobic / 20% anaerobic) you could be sabotaging your progress. The only way to truly know is to get a VO2 test where you can find out when you go anaerobic during exercise.


Are you TRAINING too HARD?

Overtraining can strip positive adaptations right out from under you.
Too many hard days can leave you with these symptoms:

  • getting slower / diminished power
  • moody / grumpy / short temper
  • aches that won't go away• weight gain 
  • trouble sleeping and relaxing 
  • elevated resting heart rate 
  • have a hard time waking in the AM 
  • frequent illness