The Surprising Trick to Reducing Pain and Preventing Injuries: Kinesio Taping

Most people have seen athletes and other people with injuries use tape or bandages for support, but did you know there is a taping method to prevent injuries and reduce pain? Kinesio taping is a fundamentally different approach to using elastic tape to help heal muscles, with a focus on injury prevention and pain reduction through healing. Forget what you know about athletic taping and explore this revolutionary way to support the body’s natural healing power.

What is Kinesio Taping?

Unlike traditional bandages and taping that wraps an affected joint or area, Kinesio taping is not wrapped. Instead, this extremely elastic tape is used to support muscle function, not inhibit movement as is done in traditional athletic or injury wraps. Since the tape is not wrapped, but secured along the muscle, it does not interfere with circulation like traditional wraps can. It can be worn all day and won’t restrict the area or skin.

The concept behind Kinesio taping is based on the field of kinesiology, which revolves around the function of muscles not only in movement, but in their role within other systems of the body. The idea is that using this taping method, you can give muscles the support they need to perform and heal at higher levels. This can help reduce the chance of injury, minimize pain and even help other systems in the body. Kinesio taping works in four basic ways:

Muscle support. With proper taping using the Kinesio method, a muscle is supported and able to contract, without over-extending or over-contracting. This reduces pain, fatigue and cramping.

Joint support. Taping can help support the joints while still allowing movement, keeping the muscles and joints aligned without restriction.

Improve circulation. One of the concepts behind Kinesio taping is improving the circulation of the blood and lymph systems through the muscles. This can help reduce inflammation and build-up of toxins in the muscles.

Self-healing. Part of the science behind kinesiology is the body’s ability to heal itself. Kinesio taping is believed to support this natural process in the body, allowing the body to repair and heal at a higher level.

If applied correctly using the principals of kinesiology, Kinesio taping has been shown to be a valuable tool for athletes and many others that have suffered from pain. This simple concept can help prevent many common sport injuries, help the body heal faster and even reduce pain in those with ongoing medical conditions. It is fairly inexpensive and the tape can be worn for a few days in a row before it will need to be replaced.

Are you wondering if Kinesio taping might be helpful for you? At Stratton Sport & Spine, we offer Kinesio taping as one of our services to help our patients reduce pain and heal faster. We can show you how this method can improve your athletic performance by reducing the chance of injury and relieving pain when needed. Call today to schedule a consultation to learn more about this surprising way to enhance your physical health. 

August 25, 2015